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We provide assistance with Aerospace Certification specializing in Interior Materials Flammability and Fire Protection, also well versed in Type Certification, Supplemental Type Certification, Multiple Supplemental Type Certification, Advanced Design Development, Major Alterations, Quality Control, Conformity to Design, Foreign Certification, Interior Arrangement, Compliance Inspection, Mechanical and Electrical Systems, Foreign Certification (Exports), Quality Assurance & Lean Six Sigma.

Bringing to the table more than 20 years of experience in Certification of Gulfstream Aircraft; GIV-SP, GV, G450, G550, G650, G280, G500 & G600. Primary role; Certification of Large Cabin Custom Interior Installations; Materials Flammability, Fire Protection, Interior Arrangement, and Compliance Inspection.

Logical AeroSpace Solutions, Inc. is capable of communicating with the FAA, ODAs, and Foreign Authorities establishing requirements with both internal and external customers. We are solutions-oriented to solve unique compliance situations for new and novel designs. We are willing to educate internal and external customers on FAA and ODA processes. We have a unique understanding of incorporating FAA/Foreign CAA requirements into the engineering designs. We can provide leadership skills that foster team building.


"I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate your dedication and contribution to the overall success of GulfstreamYou are a valuable member of this company and I look forward to having many more opportunities to recognize you and your outstanding achievements. Again, thank you", Larry Flynn, (President; Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation)

"Thanks to all. The effort was much appreciated" Jeff Derf (Director Custom Engineering) regarding "While not visible to Long Beach, it was the hard work of Steve O'Neal, Jim Cule, Kevin Winters, and Beth Ferguson under the leadership of Jeff Smith that made this happen." Bob Hodges (Custom Engineering Structural/Mechanical Group Head) regarding "Aircraft ... was delivered to the customer this afternoon from here in Long Beach. On behalf of the Long Beach site, I would like to say thanks for your support in getting us through the JAA validation process. Without your outstanding efforts, we would not have been able to make this delivery. " Robert Nilson (Director - Engineering & Quality Long Beach)


Re: COTS MOU "Thanks for the input, Dave. I know it was often difficult for Jeff to get everyone together and to keep it moving, so I appreciate your acknowledgment." Jeff Kreide (Director Completion Engineering) regarding; "Jeff did a good job on running this team, it was a tough bunch to deal with, but I think we have a pretty good baseline product to go with. GAMA worked on this for over 3 years and never produced a product. Hopefully, the FAA will provide their feedback in a timely manner." David Lamb (GAC Dallas Director of Engineering and Quality)


"Jeff, Just a quick note of thanks for supporting the Boeing request (lead to                                         ). I was on the phone with Ron Hinderberger yesterday on a different subject and he took time out to let me know the positive reports he received for your contributions. Well done." Bill Whitton (VP for the Gulfstream Organizational Designation Authorization (ODA))


"Jeff, Thanks for taking the lead a getting this accomplished. The importance of the testing is real, however, I am excited about the way you pulled it all together and made it happen. Thanks,  Dennis Stuligross"; VP Completion Engineering and Operations in regards to: "Jeff Smith has completed the fire containment test for the trash cans. Most of this work has been done in his spare time. Jeff created the plan, the drawings, got the test specimens built, conducted the test and will now write the report. Jeff is not a designer, but he learned how to do it, He is not a report writer but he figured out how to do it, he had a minimum amount of resources available but still figured out how to do it. This is an example of persistence, tenacity and dedication, this is what it is all about. Thank you Jeff for an excellent effort" Knut Pedersen (Director Completions Engineering)

Re: Thermal/Acoustic Insulation Flammability "A big "Atta - boy" from the west coast .................. (aka Hollywood). Of course you know what they say at Gulfstream: "The reward for good work ............ is more work" Besides that, thanks for a job well done!!!!! " Randy Wood (DAS Administrator, DAS-......-NM Long Beach, CA)

Regarding; COTS Issue Paper 

"Guys, I was talking to Joe the other day and he told me you have finally gotten FAA concurrence on the COTS Issue Paper. Congratulations!! Also, seems you have gotten significantly more favorable "terms" than I ever thought possible. Maybe you won the "war of attrition". Congratulations again for a job well done."  Jeff Kreide (Director Completion Engineering) 

Regarding; Subject Acft .... support effort - Thank you ..(Export to Germany (EASA) "Thanks Jeff for all of your support and assistance during this project for aircraft .... ..... we couldn't have done it without you." Edward Fischer (Product Support-Customer Program Manager)


Re: GV-SP .... JAR Compliance Report (Released) Jeff; (Jeff Kreide; (Director Completion Engineering)) "Just wanted you to know that these people, led by Jeff smith, did an incredible job getting this report released in a very short time, They accelerated their schedule to support a left schedule move by operations. Knut (Knut Pedersen; Manager, Completions Engineering)


"Jeff, Thanks for the help ... your willingness to jump in and help is what moves us forward and allows us to compete more aggressively. Thanks, Dennis" Dennis Stuligross (VP Completion Engineering and Operations) regarding;"Jeff, Dick Johnson (VP Core Engineering) made a specific point of stopping me at the PSP to point out how helpful you were in getting the burn of the avionics equipment issue resolved with the FAA. He basically said they would not have been able to get it resolved in the timeframe they did without your help. Congratulations!! Also, based on this I took to opportunity to ask his help in trying to move forward on your DER delegation. If you do not hear anything about this progressing in the next couple of weeks, please holler to me and I will follow up with Dick. " Jeff Kreide (Director Completion Engineering) 

"Jeff, In EP discussion this morning Tim Herndon had a lot of positive comments on how well you were able to support pulling interior from .... and re-installing it in, I think ...., He said your support was tremendous. So, thanks for all your efforts" Jeff Kreide; (VP Completion Engineering)

"You did a great job today providing solutions for the situation on ....-...." Waymond Allen (Operations Manager Sr. Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation)

"Jeff Smith, the Completion Center Flammability DER was very gracious about the interruption of his day and came right in to help out. On Sunday morning when I spoke with Russell, he said that ... had successfully completed a flight test and was being prepared to depart." Lynda J. Lum (Project Engineer Savannah Final Phase RQAAT)

Gulfstream Awards

Gold Pride; The following individuals have been selected by their management for their contribution to successfully initiating and completing the certification and registration of Gulfstream GV aircraft serial number ... in Italy. The potential failure to register this aircraft in Italy before August 17, 2001 would have resulted in this customer's ability to seek claims against Gulfstream of over $9.5 million dollars and also to return the aircraft back to Gulfstream due a breach of contract. On June 22, 2001 Gulfstream successfully obtained a Type Certificate from the Italian airworthiness authorities (ENAC) ..... On July 12, 2001, after several intensive weeks of modifications at Jet Aircraft Services in Basel, Switzerland, Gulfstream successfully exported aircraft ... to Italy and officially placed it on the civil registry with ENAC. One of the significant actions accomplished associated with this activity included a JAA Compliance Inspection at Jet Aircraft Services in Basel, Switzerland orchestrated by Jeff Smith (Completions Engineering) and Jerry Boutwell (Airworthiness & Certification) with Michael Marcus and Claudio Eminente (JAA Cabin Safety Team Panel 8). Submitted by; R. J. Trusis, Manager Airworthiness & Certification, David Trent, Director Completions Engineering and concurred with by; D. Nale, Vice President Engineering & Quality.

Soar: People;"I just wanted give a big thanks to Jeff Smith for assisting in critical shortage part that was on Problem File because it had never been burn tested before. Kenneth Palmer gave me his name and within 24 hours, he had the part tested and helped clear the problem file. Many thanks!" Kyle Tekell; Completion Procurement Specialist

Soar: Integrity: NAVY TSRA TACAN Flammability System Certification The 14 CFR Part 25.853 and 869 completion enabled Gulfstream to deliver the NAVY TSRA Special Missions Airplane; Cris Curtis; Manager Materials and Processes Core Engineering

Bronze Pride; "100% release of lnitial 0650 Installations to meet critical program milestone to support Build Schedule of G650 Aircraft marked completion of initial design effort" Submitted by Alan Donnelly (G650 Development Electro Mechanical Systems Principal Engineer)


Silver Pride; "Jeff was a Completion Engineering representative on a team assigned to investigate, improve and implement a streamlined process for flammability compliance on cabin STCs and repair station activities. This team was comprised of Completion Engineering, QC, DAS, Operations, and Purchasing representatives. Jeff supported the weekly meetings and volunteered for numerous action items requiring research and extensive coordination. In addition, Jeff took the initiative to develop the flammability test plan and report format to be utilized at the Savannah and Brunswick facilities. Jeff took the initiative to understand the internal/department processes/procedures and work towards a solution that met all department needs. Jeff outlined the process and developed the format for the flammability test plan/report. Jeff demonstrated dedication and devotion to champion this effort and ensure a smooth transition to the new process.  Jeff demonstrated his ability to take on responsibility and ownership of this effort. It was also during this effort that he demonstrated the necessary knowledge of the regulations and procedures to support appointment as a DAS Flammability AR. Since this appointment, Jeff has become involved in supporting other FAA inquires/issues and has proven to be a valuable asset to the company and DAS staff." Submitted by; Christina Marsh, GAC Savannah DAS Administrator.


Silver Pride; "Jeff, as an engineer, took the lead on teaching and explaining the requirements of European certification to supporting groups including Pricing, Completion Sales, International Sales, and Operations. He created a certification matrix with pertinent information regarding each serial number requiring export and placed the matrix on a local drive for use by all support groups. Jeff's efforts have helped all individuals involved in EASA/Jar Ops 1/Export to become informed. In Pricing, this information has enabled us to capture adequate revenue to cover the costs of European requirements. Jeff's detailed explanation of the requirements has helped International Sales to understand the scope of work to Gulfstream and, in turn, explain to the customers the description of the charges. Jeffs certification matrix has helped Ops, Pricing, Engineering, Certification Office, Contracts, Program Office and Finance to all come together for a common understanding of the requirements and provided one source of information regarding exported serial numbers and/or specific countries. All contracts to be European registered or to fly Jar Ops 1 now include an accurate estimate of costs/revenue to Gulfstream. The details included in the costs are now clearly itemized and can easily be updated with changing requirements. Jeff has been the biggest contributor to get the supporting documentation to this point. The lead role he has taken in this task has gone far beyond his standard work scope in Engineering. Submitted By: Susan Fiacco (GAC Completions Pricing Manager)

Silver Pride; "The completion of the FAA Issue Paper on Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Equipment is the culmination of a four-year effort to standardize the methodology of installation non-required non-essential equipment in the cabin interiors. This agreement includes conformity methods not previously FAA approved and credit for UL listing. This agreement affects all GAC Completion Center Sites and provides an approved methodology for the GDAS Repair Stations as well. This agreement allows for the certification of COTS installations within a Multiple STC for Cabin Completions. The Cabin Multiple is a long-term Final Phase goal to reduce the engineering man-hours required for each aircraft completion. This COTS agreement is another step in the process to implement the Cabin Multiple in 2007. The agreement will also provide a list of approved COTS equipment to be installed in the Gulfstream Service Centers. "  Submitted By: Josef Fila(GAC Completions Project Engineer)

Silver Pride; Cross-site Final Phase and initial phase effort to get a Multiple STC on EVS II system. "This project allowed the installation of the new EVS II system before production cut-in. The coordination between the final phase sites and initial phase was outstanding.The engineering and certification was done in Savannah while the installation was accomplished in Appleton. Due to another customer requirement the project was pulled to the left by almost 3 months which this team worked around successfully. Also, this project required partial installation to be accomplished in Savannah and Initial Phase to help align the EVS cameras which required coordination, and the team accomplished it successfully as well. The completion of this project really exemplifies true Gulfstream team spirit."  Submitted By: Naveed Aziz  (GAC Completions Avionics/Electrical Systems)

Mach 1; "Last minute switch from a multiple STC to an MRA due to vendor software data issues for the ADS-B project on the G280. Needed to generate last minute drawings removing the equipment and making it a provisional MRA project. Individuals on this team generated necessary documentation, on a very short fuse, to make the change and maintain aircraft schedule. The aircraft was able to deliver when promised to our customer." Submitted by; Don Sposito (Engineering Manager GAC Dallas) 


Bronze Pride; "During the New Dual DVD and New DIBB / EDIB process, Jeff was called upon many times at all hours to approve items, review , write and help out. Many times Jeff was called after hours or on his day off to come in and approve data quickly so we could keep the process moving. Jeff was always there and willing to help out. With out Jeff's dedication we would not have made it as quickly as we did. Thank you Jeff for all the help. Jeff was Integral in the burn process of samples we needed burned quickly in order to stay on schedule. Jeff worked with all dept's to get this done quickly and approved." David Quayle (GAC Completions Project Engineer)

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