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Healing aspects of Electricity (Lower Back Injury)

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

The electrical pulses stimulated a process called Angiogenesis, which results in the formation of new blood vessels and increased blood flow to the damaged area. Wounds treated with electrical stimulation had a significantly smaller surface area, volume, diameter, and depth than those left to heal normally – they healed faster than normal, essentially. (Electrical stimulation proven to accelerate wound healing; May 15, 2015)

“Angiogenesis is critical for wound healing. Insufficient angiogenesis can result in impaired wound healing and chronic wound formation. Electrical stimulation (ES) has been shown to enhance angiogenesis. ”Angiogenesis Is Induced and Wound Size Is Reduced by Electrical Stimulation in an Acute Wound Healing Model in Human SkinSara Ud-Din, Anil Sebastian, Pamela Giddings, James Colthurst, Sigrid Whiteside, Julie Morris, Richard Nuccitelli, Christine Pullar, Mo Baguneid, Ardeshir Bayat.Published: April 30, 2015;

Treetopflyer13; I was introduced to this type of therapy by my Chiropractor in treating what was suspected to be Bulging Disc putting pressure on my Sciatic Nerve that I injured in February of 2019. The treatment included TENS therapy (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) in combination with Icing and Heat and of the typical Chiropractory, my treatment progressed well but no sooner than I was feeling better, I re-injured it in June and again in September of that same year. What I came to realize is that receiving treatment even three times a week was insufficient, that is when I purchased a portable TENS 7000 unit from my Chiropractor's office and started treatment myself multiple times a day, my recovery was on the express track. August 2020 I am having a slight regression as I have not seen the Chiropractor since March and am in the middle of painting the exterior of our home, lugging around 5 gal buckets of paint, 40 ft ladders and 80 lb sacks of stucco. At the first sign of trouble I restarted my DIY therapy which consists of Icing the trouble spot in the evenings and applying heat and TENS in the morning along with light core building exercises which I have been doing all along, I seem to be quickly recovering and am back to 95%.

TENS 7000 Digital TENS Unit for Electrotherapy

Reusable Replacement Electrode Patches for Electrotherapy

AmazonBasics 9 Volt Everyday Alkaline Batteries

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